Apartment Karlova Ves

Apartment Karlova Ves
Design and implementation of the reconstruction of part of the interior of a large apartment in Bratislava. Our client’s request was an elegant, comfortable and practical interior, which should have included a large library. The dominant material in the interior is walnut, which is complemented by brass and contrasting black elements. Walnut is used on the furniture and also in the ceiling. The bar cabinet for the collection of whiskey or cognac bottles, which has become the heart of the investor, is also unmissable. The overall expression of the interior is optically softened by textiles in the form of a full-surface carpet, curtains or accessories. The color we used in the interior came from the wallpaper we chose for the TV wall – it’s a panel wallpaper from the Tecnografica brand with a beautiful floral motif. In the bathroom, we chose a neutral gres tile in the decor of natural stone as a base, which is complemented by a mosaic in the same decor. A distinctive feature of the bathroom interior is the waterproof Glamora wallpaper, which we used on the wall behind the bathtub.

Location: Bratislava
Implementation: october 2019 – january 2020
Floor: 180m2

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